Recognize text via our image reader and create searchable PDF files.

OCR Bear is an image reader feature that allows you to turn an image into a text document or even copy text from pdf. This service is available in multiple versions such as Chinese OCR and Japanese OCR.

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How to use our free online OCR?


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Why to use our Free OCR service ?

Thanks to the OCR technique, our image reader guarantees ease of use, a secure conversion, a conversion of any image format with any language.

Easy to use

Our Image reader makes it as easy as possible for you to recognize text via NewOCR. You don't need to install and worry about any software.

Supports your system

You do not need any special system to run our image reader. this NewOCR tool runs in your browser and therefore it's suitable for all operating systems.

Secure conversion

This image reader does not store your files on our server. All documents uploaded will be deleted automatically after conversion.

Free OCR

You do not need to spend a fortune to benefit from professional OCR tools. Our image reader is free.

Responsive application

NewOCR is suitable for all types of Support (PC, tablets, mobile).

All image formats

You can get the text of any image format (PNG, JPG, GIF, or another format)

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Get Your API for FREE!

We offer free API for developers to help them develop their applications. this API is open to the public and it is free to use. This is the perfect place for developers to browse OCR API for testing.


What is the OCR technique?

The function of NewOCR (optical character recognition) is to help recognize text within a scanned document or image file. it is a solution for automating data extraction from printed or written text and then converting the image to text (image to text google) to be used for data processing like editing or searching.

How our NewOCR tool (optical character recognition) works?

To turn the scanned image into text (image to text google), or copy text from pdf, NewOCR analyses the patterns of light and dark that make up the letters and numbers, then to help the system match what it sees in the picture to the right letters or numbers, our image reader system needs to recognize characters in various fonts.

How OCR Feature is Changing the Banking Industry?

there are many use cases of the OCR but it is almost used in banking and insurance industry. In the banking industry, the image reader allows the recognition of the handwritten text of the checks and validates all the extracted information, therefore the check is approved in real-time.

How OCR Feature is Changing the Insurance Industry?

The NewOCR allows the automatic extraction of key information in insurance documents no matter what the language is thanks to the different versions of the OCR (Japanese OCR and Chinese OCR) which help them to gain time, reduce costs and provide better customer service.

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